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BSM Facility Services Group - Robanne Olson

BSM Facility Services Group - Robanne Olson

For this week’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robanne Olson the Director of Retail Services and Business Development for #BSM Facility Services Group. BSM specializes in commercial janitorial, building repairs, landscape maintenance, and full construction services. They are located at 2575 Stanwell Drive, Second Floor, Concord, 94520. You can also reach them at 925-688-1234 or email them at You can visit their website at


BSM Facility Services Group was founded in 1979 when they landed their first contract to sweep the parking lot of the Oakland Montgomery Ward. In 1981, they hired their first employee and started getting referrals from clients and began to grow. In 1985, BSM landed its first ‘Class A’ client with a 100,000 square foot office building in #WalnutCreek. They are proud to say they still service that client today. Because BSM was so successful in providing janitorial services to their loyal clients, they received feedback to offer more services. Their clients wanted to work with them due to their prompt response times, attention to detail, excellent customer service and the resourcefulness of their employees, following the company culture, with a “whatever it takes” attitude. They have also expanded their services to now include landscaping, building repairs and construction. The services they provide are far and wide, so if you have an interest in getting a bid please check out their website or reach out directly to Robanne at . BSM Facility Services Group is family owned and today has over 300 #employees and their #services range from #janitorial to #construction. 


Robanne joined BSM Facility Services Group 13 years ago and came from the restaurant management industry. Many of her #skills transferred over, but she still had a lot of learning to do as this company and industry has many facets and each one has deep layers. She has come a long way and is highly respected not only by her peers at BSM Facility Services Group but by her clients as well. They know they can call her with a problem, concern or emergency and she will move mountains to get things done for her clients. Robanne grew up in Walnut Creek and attended Los Lomas High School. In her spare time, she loves to do #hotyoga, #pilates, #hiking and spend time with her #dogs. She has a #frenchie and an #Americanpitt. If she could go anywhere she would go to #Europe or #Australia. She loves to go to concerts and had gone to see #Santana the night before we sat down to chat. One of her #favorite music festivals is #Bottlerock in #Napa. She loves the music, the vibe, the shopping and according to Robanne, “the food is off-the-hook amazing.” Her favorite foods are #veggies, she prefers them cooked and loves to explore recipes of new ways to cook them. She also loves #seafood and #icecream. The first album she can remember purchasing was #MichaelJackson’s first, Off the Wall album. 


Robanne was encouraged to join the #PleasantHillChamber when she first started with some of her local clients. She admits she has not had the extra time to get as involved as she would like to but knows the value of  #networking and #building relationships. As she reflected on her time with BSM Facility Services Group, she finds value in her growth and experience. When she began her career in this business it was, and to some extent continues to be, a male-dominated industry. She has fought hard to prove she is knowledgeable, experienced and resourceful in this industry. In the beginning, she was not always taken seriously; but now she has many who come to her for help to solve issues and to be #mentored by her. She has gained so much knowledge in the industry of construction, landscape and janitorial services. I commend her drive, tenacity and her willingness to pave the way for women to be who they want to be in whatever industry they choose. It was a pleasure to sit down with Robanne and get to know her as well as BSM Facility Services Group and all the services they have to offer. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me.


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