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Darlene Baxter Farmers Insurance

Darlene Baxter Farmers Insurance

For today’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Darlene Baxter of Farmers Insurance. She can be reached at (925) 270-1991, or you can search for her on the web at Darlene Baxter Farmers Insurance. Even better, you can drop by her office, enjoy a cup of coffee while you get to know Darlene and her team and get a quote for all your insurance needs. 


Darlene is located at 2216 Morello Avenue in Pleasant Hill. Her team consists of Darlene, Shelbie Hosford and Stephanie Wyatt who are both insurance-licensed, knowledgeable, friendly and have a quick response to all questions and requests. Darlene is very happy with the team she has in place to help support and grow her business. Darlene can help you tailor your coverage to meet the needs of your #assets, #budget and #family. She can help you with all your #insurance needs. Farmers offers a wide-range of insurance from #home, #auto and #life to #business, #motorcycle, #recreational and she can even provide you with an #umbrella policy to protect you in the event you exhaust the coverage on a given policy. Call her today!


Darlene started her agency over ten years ago. A few chain of events and a little help from the universe and she found herself as a new business owner. Darlene’s #mission is to provide her clients high level customer service while making sure they are properly protected from the unexpected. We don’t usually plan our losses so it’s important to be prepared! 


Darlene likes to give back to her #community by sharing her time, talents and resources. She spent a good amount of time working with the Girls and Boys Club of Contra Costa. She also donates school supplies to support the teachers in our community. She joined the Chamber to continue her mission to be a part of the growth in our community. She has made many contacts and even some friendships through her membership at the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. She says, “Pleasant Hill Chamber’s events are the best” We appreciate her membership and support.  


Darlene grew up in #Groveland, a small town in #Tuolumne County. When you grow up in a small town with the population in 2010 being 601 you can’t wait to graduate high school and go see the real world. Darlene was no different. Then, once you’ve had a chance to see ‘the world’ you yearn to slow the pace and get back to basics. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to live there now, she says. I had to agree. 


A good power partner or introduction for Darlene would be to mortgage brokers, financial advisers, auto brokers and CPAs. She values her business relationships and her clients and works 24/7 to keep them informed and well taken care of. One of the things she has gained by being a business owner is how to be flexible, work in a team and how to have a solid strategy for success. 


Darlene loves to ski, go to her gym and workout and see her gym buddies and travel. If she could go anywhere she would go to either #Thailand or #Greece. Her all time favorite music is #TheDaveMatthewsBand. She loves #steak and her first album ever purchased was #Devo. She loves to read and is starting a #bookclub in 2020. It was great to sit down with you, Darlene, and get to know you and your business better. Best wishes for continued success from the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce.


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