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Jack's Restaurant and Bar

Jack's Restaurant and Bar

For this week’s #MemberMonday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the three founding brothers of #JacksRestaurantAndBar in #PleasantHill. They are comprised of the #twins Dave and John and the baby (as they call him) Chris. It was a delightful meeting and quite comical too. At times, I had trouble keeping all the stories straight as they took turns talking about their families and growing up. The boys were brought up in a restaurant family. They worked at an early age at their mom’s restaurant Eleni’s. It was a great little breakfast cafe.  I did not realize that it was their family restaurant as it was one of my favorite ‘go-to’ breakfast places in the #Clayton, #Concord area back in the early 2000s. It brought me back to a really warm memory in time. Jack’s is the kind of restaurant you can get dressed up for, or you can meet up with friends for a drink at the bar, or go in for breakfast after your morning workout. You can even have a #family #celebration up in their #private #room as I did when celebrating a family #milestone. You can make #reservations or drop in; either way you are always greeted with a #smile and the feeling that you just showed up to your family’s for a get-together. 


The name Jack’s came from their #Grandfather and his first grandchild (Dave’s son) who were both named #Jack. Their mission is...One big happy family taking care of friends and family. Their #motto is to take care of their #team and their #guests every shift, every day, Jack’s way! ‘If you don’t know this, you don’t know Jack(s)’ We had fun with the play-on-words here. In all seriousness, these men know what it means to care about their team, their guests and the #pride that goes into making Jack’s such a #success. They have #employees that have been with them since the beginning of time. Jack’s was established in 2010. If you haven’t been in since the #facelift you have to go see what they did. New floors, seating, paint and a fabulous picture on the wall that we used as the backdrop of our photo. Such a great #tribute to their #parents. And just for the record I think it’s a great picture of Eleni :) This threesome of brothers are very #smart, #creative  and hard working. They spend seven days a week working on their restaurants. They opened their second store in #SanBruno in 2011, then #SanMateo in 2014 and the newest one opened in #Newark in 2017. Based on this, there should be one opening in #2020, but I think they have their hands full right now. 


The ‘boys’ are locals that grew up in the area and graduated from #ClaytonValley #HighSchool. Two of the brothers have settled in #WalnutCreek and the other in #Burlingame. Each found huge family support in both places as they are all about family. When talking about music, hobbies and favorite travel places to go, it was almost unanimous that they would go back to #Greece if they could go anywhere. They have family there and many great memories. Dave said he would go where the food is, and being that he is the head chef, food is his passion. He would choose #Thailand. The albums they recalled as possible firsts were #DuranDuran and #Thriller. They shared a great story about how Dave met his #fiance. She was a #firefighter that would frequent the #restaurant and Dave knew every time she was there. He eventually started making friends with her, then dating her and is now engaged to marry her. She showed up at the end of our interview and took our picture. What a sweet story. Jack’s is a local, “Cheers-like” feel and it’s here to stay. 

Along with the new physical changes to the restaurant they have also added some new #wine, #cocktails and dishes to the menu. They now have “What the Cluck” which is waffles and #friedchicken. They have three new breakfast #burritos and you should come in and try them all -- one at a time, of course. They have also added a healthy option called “Totally Jacked,” which is oatmeal, almond butter, bananas and blueberries. Yum! They now feature an #ImpossibleBurger, #friedchicken #sandwich, #choppedsalad, and #chickenmarsala. Some of their new drink offerings are #strawberrysmash, #JacksG&T and the #Hemmingway to name a few. You’ll have to stop by to see what else they’ve added. You can check them out on their website at or just come in. They are located at 60 Crescent Drive, Suite A, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 or give them a call at 925-849-6195. You won’t be disappointed! It was great to get to know the ‘boys’ behind the scenes and the story of Jack’s. I feel honored they all made it a priority to sit with me and let me get to know them! Thank you, Dave, John and Chris! Cheers!

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